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Privacy Policy

At ZI Technical Services EST, we hold your privacy in high regard. We urge you to carefully read this Privacy Policy before using our Website at which is operated by Dubai Company formed in Alkamara (referred to as “us”, “we” or “our”). This policy provides vital information about how we may use the data collected from you and ensures safeguarding of your personal information.

In order to access and use the Website, you must agree to abide by this Privacy Policy. This policy is applicable to all individuals who seek access or utilize the website, including but not limited to visitors and users.

Accessing or utilizing the Website signifies your acceptance to abide by this Privacy Policy. In case you oppose any aspect of the policy, accessing or using the site is not permitted without our authorization.

All details you provide on this Website are gathered by us. The information we gather about you includes the following:

Category of information Specific piece of information
Identifying information Name
Identifying information Postal / Shipping address
Identifying information Phone number
Identifying information Email address
Internet or other electronic activity Browsing history
Internet or other electronic activity Search history
Internet or other electronic activity Information regarding your interaction with our website or application
Internet or other electronic activity Information regarding your interactions with advertisements
Audio information Audio, electronic, thermal, olfactory or other similar information
Sensitive personal information Geolocation information

How we may use your information

We may use the information that you provide us for the following:

  • Analytics;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • Performing services;
  • Providing customer service.

With whom we share your personal information

We share the following personal information with marketing agency:

  • Identifying information (name):
  • Mailing address (identification details);
  • Identifying information: Phone number.
  • Identifying information: Email address.
  • Electronic activity records of online search history.
  • Details pertaining to your engagement with our website or app (online or other digital conduct).
  • Details about your engagement with adverts, either through online or different electronic means.
  • Information in the form of sound, electronic signals, heat, scent or other comparable formats (sound information).
  • Sensitive personal information includes geolocation data.

Sale of your information

We do not sell your personal information.


Whenever you visit a website, your browser receives and stores a tiny piece of information known as a cookie. This site gathers cookies and utilizes them for various purposes that may include but are not limited to:

  • Examining our website’s traffic.
  • Examining the way you interact with advertisements;
  • Determining whether you are currently logged into the website.
  • The process of evaluating material on the website.
  • Saving data regarding your chosen options;
  • Identifying the moment when you revisit the website.

Although cookies are typically accepted by most web browsers, you do have the option to adjust your settings and reject them. However, doing so could limit your ability to fully utilize all features of the website.

Children’s privacy

The purpose of this Website is to cater to a broad audience and it does not provide any services for minors. If we receive personal information from an individual who we know is under the age of 18, our only use of that data would be to inform them that they are ineligible for using this platform.

Analytics programs

This Website uses Google Analytics to collect information about you and your behaviors. If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics, please visit

Third-party websites

On this Website, you may come across hyperlinks to websites that are operated by third parties. These links are provided merely for your reference and we do not have control over such sites or their contents including the privacy practices in place. It is highly recommended that you read and comprehend their Privacy Policies entirely on your own accord. The inclusion of these hyperlinks does not indicate our endorsement towards any material presented or association with site operators whatsoever.

Do Not Track

You have the option to set Do Not Track as a preference on your browser, notifying websites that you prefer not to be tracked. However, we do not endorse this feature and therefore do not support it (“DNT”). Adjusting your Preferences or Settings can enable or disable Do Not Track at any time.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy by posting the updated Privacy Policy to this website or application.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected].